1-2-RemoteWHAT IS 1-2-REMOTE?
1-2-Remote is a remote control for your Pocket PC that remote controls Windows Media Player or iTunes on your Desktop PC or Laptop – anywhere in your apartment!
No matter if you are throwing a party, laying in the bath tub or chilling on the chair – with 1-2-Remote you have always got the fitting sound at your fingertips. You don´t even have to get near to your Desktop PC!
All basic functions of Windows Media Player and iTunes are remotable (Play, Stop, Pause, Forward, Backward, Shuffle, Repeat, Volume, Timeline, Time display…
Several skins
Playlist management (create, edit, delete)
Fullscreen-mode and mini-mode
Additional information of tracks (Cover, ID3-Info, Lyrics, Rating…)
Search function
ONE user interface on both Pocket PC and Desktop PC (the remote control appears on your Desktop PC such as on your Pocket PC, additional functions are integrated here)
Pocket PC with Wlan OR Bluetooth OR USB-Connection (Cradle)
Desktop PC or Laptop, that is conected with your Pocket PC by one of the named types
Windows Media Player OR iTunes on Desktop PC or Laptop
Dot.Net Compact Framework (preinstalled for devices with Windows Mobile 2003 or higher
Try & Buy
1-2-Remote works for 14 days on a trial basis with full functional range. Afterwards you have to enter a license with costs.
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