30000 english ebooks

30000 english ebooksComplete package of 30.000 reseller ebooks + all licenses for unlimited resale Guaranteed 100% pure profit! Earn several 1.000 € per month with the serious sale of ebooks √ Earning money without costs and effort Perfect for starters or resellers as incidential earnings √ 30.000 ebook in one bundle: giant collection of english ebooks and reports √ including all reseller- and masterreseller licenses for direct unlimited resale √ guranteed 100% (one hundert percent!) profit, no additional costs √ save costs about several 100€ in comparison with single purchase √ immediate start by download of some selective ebooks √ free transportation within EU Download of selective ebooks. Shipment of the complete DVD with 30000 EBooks by post (free transportation). Transportation only in EU countries!
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