3D Cube For Developers 6.0

3D Cube For Developers 6.0Create fantastic 3D Cubes for ASP.NET, PHP, Java and HTML within only a few minutes and without requiring any programming skills. Extensive tutorials and examples give step by step guidance and provide insights into the use of the toolset. Papervision3D 2 inside!

Features and Requirements:
High-Resolution Images
All images on the 3D Cube are displayed in pin sharp quality without flickering, even during rotation. Obtain highest quality for very impressive product presentations or highly unusual image galleries.

Newest Technologies
The 3D Cube was fully developed using Action Script 3 and Papervision3d 2.
Papervision3d 2 is one of the most powerful 3D Rendering Engines on the market. It creates animations of such high quality and performance as never seen before.

Simple Integration
Control and appearance of the 3D Cube are effected entirely via a single XML file. This file also contains the paths of the images and texts to be shown on the details pages. With this set-up it is therefore possible to create a 3D Cube within a few moments and without any programming skills!
For complex dynamic websites there is furthermore the option to transmit the XML file via HTTP Response to the animation. Easy to understand examples in HTML, ASP.NET and PHP are included in the package.

Randomize Images
With this feature, every time a page is called up, a different selection of images shows in the 3D Cube. This makes sense in those cases where a Cube contains a large selection of images that cannot all be shown properly at the same time.

Detail Page With HTML Support
When clicking on an image on the cube, a detail page will show up upon request. On this detail page, information covering the selected image or product can be provided. Two text fields supporting some of the most important HTML tags are available for this useful purpose.

Over 600 Effect Combinations
Different effects are available for the detail page appearing or disappearing. These effects can be individually varied and allocated to each element of the detail page (images and text fields). This provides an enormous number of effect combinations for individually presenting each animation.

Optimized Loading
The animation file displayed has only 71Kb. This ensures that the display speed of your web site is not affected by the module!
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