3D CUSTOM SCREENSAVER3D Custom Screensaver is an awesome experience and a must download for any 3D lover. A wide variety of fully customizable effects will make sure the surprises never stop. Unleash the 3d power of your system now ! A fully featured configuration menu allows you to control all aspects of the 16 effects and the import and set – up of your own images. Have your images rotate as cubes or objects, watch them fall through deep tunnels, have them morph or form a puzzle. It’s your choices and your control which will form the 3D landscape unfolding on your screen. If your needs are simpler then just incorporate your images to a 3D clock and view it from all angles. 3D Custom Screensaver is also perfect as a high – powered benchmarking utility for your system and/or card. In order to enhance the 3D Custom Screensaver experience, included is an inbuilt, full MP3, WAV and MIDI player. Not only can you select the track you want to accompany the screensaver but you also have the ability of creating a full soundtrack for it by using the playlist option. Select the tracks best suited for each effect and sit back and enjoy the full sensory experience.
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