3DMasterKit Start

3DMasterKit StartTriaxes 3DMasterKit is designed for creating and printing 3D stereo-photos. You can easily create 3D-photo or flip-photo out of two or more original photos. Also, you can create 3D-photo from just one photo and design template.
Triaxes 3DMasterKit creates 3D images of the following types:
cards with stere-pairs for viewing through stereoscope
anaglyph image (grayscale, color, or sub-color) for viewing by red-blue glasses
stereo-pairs for direct view (no additional devices needed)
3D image for viewing through LCD shutter glasses
3D lenticular photos with flip or stereo-effect
3DMasterKit is available in five editions: Start, Home, Photo, Photo+, Pro, depending on maximum photo size and resolution.
3DMasterKit Start edition is designed for amateur photographers.
3DMasterKit Start features:
You can create flip-images or stereo-images out of two original photos
You can create multilayer stereo-photo out of just one photo and template
Max size of lenticular image: 10x15cm (4×6 inches)
Max resolution: 720 PPI
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