A Personal Finance Manager

A Personal Finance ManagerOrganize Income, Expenses, Investments, Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, and Investment Accounts. Check Entry, Print Checks, Reconcile Checkbook, Void Checks.Complete entry for Income and Expenses. Inquiries and Reports for Income and Expenses together and separate. Enter Investment Purchases, Stock Splits, Stock and Bone Mutual Funds supported. Complete tracking of gains and losses over time. Several Inquiries and Reports for Investments. Investment Summary for a stock or fund across all accounts. Support for individual users. Sychronize all data with another computer or dev ice running A Personal Finance Manager. All data stored in a password secure MS Access Database File. Backup and Restore Database per User.
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Summary: Bank Accounts, Personal Finance Manager, Mutual Funds

Concepts: Finance, Bond, Investment, Microsoft Access, Cheque, Mutual fund, Personal finance, Bank

/technology and computing/software/databases
/finance/bank/bank account

Tags: Personal Finance Manager, Bone Mutual Funds, Void Checks.Complete entry, Bank Accounts, password secure MS, Access Database File, Reconcile Checkbook, Investment Accounts, Mutual FundsConcepts, Print Checks, Credit Cards, Check Entry, Investment Purchases, Stock Splits, Expenses, dev ice, Complete tracking, Investment Summary, individual users, Microsoft Access, computing/software/databases/finance/bank/bank account/finance/investing/stocks, Income, Inquiries, Investments, Reports, Cheque, gains, losses, Bond, time, Support

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