AA Mail Server – Business Edition

AA Mail Server - Business EditionAA Mail Server, is an enterprise level email server system, supports 10~20000+ users with each 2G+ mailbox, offering outstanding features of easy to use, robust running and high performance. Email monitoring and ISP mailboxes bind-sharing map mode are its special features.
AA Mail Server, an easy-to-use email server software with elegant Hotmail-like Webmail, will help you easily build your own mail server for your business. It enables you to send and receive emails across the Intranet or Internet through WebMail or general email applications like Outlook, Eudora etc. You can install AA Mail Server in one minute and make it ready for mail service.
AA Mail Server supports SMTP, POP3, WebMail, mailgroup, spam protection, SSL remote POP3 account, MX diagnosis, mulit domains and domain alias, real-time email monitoring, email filtering and etc. Among those features ISP mailboxes bind-sharing map mode can help to greatly save your cost, while powerful email monitoring function allow you to supervise specified or all users. Click here to learn more.
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