AAC Encoder

AAC EncoderThe MainConcept AAC Encoder is a plug-in which adds powerful AAC encoding capabilities to the Adobe® Flash® Media Live Encoder 2.5 (FMLE). The Adobe® Flash® Media Live Encoder software can capture live audio and video while streaming it in real-time to the Adobe® Flash® Media Server or the Adobe® Flash® Video Streaming Service. Additionally, you have the opportunity to write the streams into a file. Using the MainConcept AAC Encoder Plug-In, you can directly generate and stream Flash compliant F4V and FLV files that include both H.264/AVC video and AAC audio in Adobe’s encoding tool. The MainConcept AAC Encoder Plug-In can only be used when the Adobe® Flash® Media Live Encoder 2.5 or higher is installed (not included).
The demo version of MainConcept AAC Encoder Plug-In is fully functional. It only has an audio encoding limitation of 30 seconds, i.e. after 30 seconds the audio as well as the video encoding process is stopped.
The plug-in only works when the Adobe® Flash® Media Live Encoder 2.5 (FMLE) application is installed on your system (not included).
Once the order process has been completed, you get an e-mail containing the link for downloading the full version, your personal serial number and some information about how to unlock the MainConcept AAC Encoder.
While ordering the product you have the opportunity to additionally choose the option “CD on demand“. This is a backup CD which we can send you for a small charge for production and mail order.
Furthermore, you are authorised to obtain all following updates of MainConcept AAC Encoder within version 1.xx free of charge. You only have to download the current demo version and unlock it with your personal serial number.
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