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Action BackupAction Backup is a simple and convenient software program to quickly back up on schedule any information you need. Its wide range of features allows Action Backup to quickly and easily create a backup copy of any data on your computer. At the same time the app is easy to use both on home computers and on workstations and servers. It is very easy to configure Action Backup, so it is perfect for a wide range of users – office workers, accountants, system administrators, engineers, students, etc.
With Action Backup, you can create backup copies of data that are practically unlimited in size (the zip64 format is supported), copy them as a whole to HDD/USB/FDD drives, FTP server, LAN computers, CDs/DVDs. Also, you can back up files that are being used by other applications and also files located on remote computers. You can configure Action Backup to run as a Windows service and, therefore, ensure round-the-clock backups even without any user logged in to the computer. Action Backup also allows you to send a detailed backup report to any number of specified e-mail addresses. This way you can see the results of your backup tasks when you work somewhere else on a remote computer (for instance, the program creates backups on your office computer while you are at home). Also, Action Backup can automatically turn off the computer so that you do not have to wait until the backup procedure is completed.
With the Action Backup software, you can effortlessly back up your data and get a 100% guarantee against accidental loss of crucial information.
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