Active Direct Mail

Active Direct MailActive Direct Mail is a program designed to send e-mails directly to recipients with maximum results (avoiding ISP SMTP server). It can be usual correspondance, or mass mailing. In any case, ADM provides fast, reliable and cost-effective mail delivery! ADM sends messages in quick multi-threading manner taking most from your Internet connection. No usual e-mail client can provide similar speed of delivery. This program determines any mail delivery errors and handles them in correspondance with its options. After defined number of delivery attempts, message will be moved in ‘Failed To Send’ folder. Later you can try to resend them. No ISP SMTP server is required at all! Today, many ISPs don’t offer SMTP server to their customers. Some ISP SMTP servers are swarmed with e-mails. They simply are not capable to send all messages in timely manner. This is not for you! With Active Direct Mail, your messages are sent directly to recipient’s mail server, and your e-mails are transfered to recipients’ computer once they check for new e-mails.
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