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Activity ReminderThe application keeps record of user’s activity at a computer, reminds him of necessity to make a break in work and allows creating tasks and any other reminders. Virtually every person daily spend his time at a computer. Many of us for objective reasons spend time more than proper, therefore with age continuous sitting in front of a computer monitor may affect human vision and general physical condition. Based on accumulating statistics Activity Reminder application will allow optimizing time of work at a computer and an intelligent system of reminders will prompt when a break should be made. Activity Reminder is designed for maximum user’s convenience and is working in the background (the application icon is situated in the notification area).
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Concepts: Artificial intelligence, Computer, Graphical user interface, Optimization, Activity, Situated learning, Computer monitor

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Tags: Activity Reminder, statistics Activity Reminder, Graphical user interface, objective reasons, notification area, human vision, maximum user, Artificial intelligence, application icon, Situated learning, reminders, break, time, work, necessity, tasks

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