ActivityMon Auditor 7-9 computers

ActivityMon Auditor 7-9 computersActivityMon Auditor is the ultimate employee monitoring software which offers following monitoring features:
monitors user&computer related events such as login, logout, shutdown, hibernation, etc.
takes screenshots of the user desktop and/or currently active window in specified format (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF)
monitors user keystrokes and stores them (passwords can be excluded from the monitoring)
monitors started&stopped applications, their processes and windows
monitors web pages the user has visited
monitors connected&disconnected devices and media (USB flash disks, DVDs, CDs, …)
amount of the user idle time (time the user did not perform any action)

Local activities and events can be distributed to the remote locations, so the monitoring supervisor does not need the physical access to the monitored computers and can view multiple computers activities from single point. Following distributions can be used:
LAN shared folder
FTP server
e-mail (SMTP protocol)

Activities and events can be viewed in the modern, comfort and user friendly Activities Viewer with Outlook style calendar. All the monitoring aspects can be customized to meet your needs and laws in your country or state.
Product can be easily updated with the builtin feature and purchased license contains 12 months of free updates/upgrades with the all upcoming features available!
ActivityMon Auditor is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP and can be used for commercial & goverment purposes. ActivityMon Auditor license is not limited to the usage within a single company, it can be used as needed until the number of concurently running licenses do not exceed the number of licenses purchased.
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