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Actual Virtual DesktopsActual Virtual Desktops is a technologically advanced utility tool that extends the standard window manager of the Windows operating system with the virtual desktops facility. Virtual desktops technology allows the software emulation of several instances of the general Windows desktop. Each such instance can contain windows, windows can be allocated between those instances, only one instance can be visible at once. Thus, you can group all your open windows into independent subsets devoted to certain activities and, therefore, get an activity-based working environment, which is not overburdened with a pile of windows irrelevant to the activity at hand. In short words, you can have far more windows open at once but they won’t distract you from your current activity. Running Actual Virtual Desktops, you will be able to: * Create as many virtual desktops as you need * Assign custom wallpaper to a certain virtual desktop * Assign custom hotkey to a certain virtual desktop for its quick activation * Switch between existing virtual desktops via special "Next desktop"/"Previous desktop" hotkeys * Send any specific window upon its startup to a certain virtual desktop or make it visible on all virtual desktops * Move any window between virtual desktops via additional caption button or additional option in the system window menu The application operates semi-automatically, which means you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how it works. It is now perfect time to sort the windows mess out and take advantage of FREE trial version!
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