Actual Window Rollup

Actual Window RollupMake your work easier and more fun by improving the way windows open and close on your Windows desktop! And you thought there was only one way to open and close windows!
Make everyday window open and close chores easier and more fun with Actual Window Rollup. It has helpful features and excellent ways to make the windows on your desktop better behaved and easier to use.
– Minimize open windows not to icons, but so only the title bars remain visible.
Title bars are easier to find than programs minimized to icons. You won’t have to hunt for the windows you were using! Click on a window and it becomes a title bar; Click on the title bar and restore it to an open window! Easy! Handy! Visible!
– Want even more control? Select "Automatic Control" and selected windows will automatically roll up into title bars whenever they become inactive. The rolled-up title bars will then automatically unroll when you want to work with them again!
– And even more? Activate the "Temporarily Unroll the Window" feature. This will make a window temporarily unroll when the mouse cursor hovers over it. Simply pass your mouse cursor over them and they unroll! Easier than clicking!
You can set Actual Window Rollup features for manual, automatic or both. You can mix manual and automatic controls in various ways to satisfy your preferences and for individual programs.
Actual Window Rollup gives you the maximum in utility and ease! Once you use it, you won’t want to go back to the old way of working with windows! Try it and see!
Actual Window Rollup has multilingual support. It supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and others!
You can find more information about Actual Window Rollup and download it at
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