Adorage Effectpackage Vol. 8 Backup-CD

Adorage Effectpackage Vol. 8 Backup-CDPhantastic high qualitative new effects!
more than 60 international Airlines, 70 airplanes and other travelling effects such as cruiser ship, bus etc.
Allround-Effects: Fire, motif-borders, splitscreens, projectors etc.

Wide online-demoanimations available here!

Adorage Eyecatcher Effects meaning fun for filmers and cutters and fascination for the viewer of the productions. Whether used in a introducing trailer, or as a teaser, or simply at the end of a production, the special effects are a added worth for every film – reasonable dosed – that goes without saying.

The Adorage Effektpackage 8 "Eyecatchers" includes wide range of new highlights, which are available, as well known in Adorage, with a few mouseclicks. This collection includes partially theme related presets as for example effects around airplanes, airlines end exclusive cars, and also flexibly useable special-fx, such as realistic and spectacular explosions or interesting and impressive framings.

The effects are assorted into following groups: transitions, picture-in-picture effects and splitscreen-effects. The package includes a wide range of hundreds of effect presets, extensive graphics and animations material including alpha channel masks, and the standalone program. Once installed, the effectpacakge 8 enhance existing Adorage-installations. For the direct use in a NLE-solution the "Adorage All-Plugins-Collection" (see also special) or an older "Adorage Magic Volume X" is necessary.
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