Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization

Advanced Directory Comparison and SynchronizationNote: if you want to place an order in US dollars (to save up to 8% on exchange rate) please go to
Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization (Heatsoft ADCS), a handy Windows utility that lets recursively compare of multiple folders side-by-side, and synchronize folders contents. The utility helps keeping files synchronized between a desktop & laptop or between multiple drives on you desktop and is a very fast method of backing up critical directories. Heatsoft ADCS is designed for business users and software development teams to allow them to efficiently synchronize computers, backup data, verify that CDs have been copied correctly, and more. The software will be useful for anyone, who shares documents/programs with friends and colleagues.
Use ADCS to compare and synchronize folder contents. Select your two directories to generate an easy-to follow side-by-side comparison. ADCS prominently shows file size, time/date stamp, and attributes along with color-coded arrows clearly marking the status of each file involved in the comparison. You can apply file spec filters, copy selected files to any other folder, and execute synchronizations with a single mouse-click. All synchronization activities are stored into a log file.
ADCS supports multi-language option. Other features include directories recursion, multi-directories comparison, CSV and HTML-based comparison reports, disk space viewer, log viewer, custom sorting and display options, embedded removing empty folders utility, and support for bookmarking frequent synchronization tasks.
Any drive that your PC can attach to over any network can be synchronized to a drive on your PC or conversely, your PC directories can be synced to a network drive. ADCS is very fast method of backing up critical directories.
With ADCS you can easily see what have changed in your directories and transfer changes with single mouse click. An Explorer-type interface makes this program easy to navigate and understand.
ADCS is simple to install and use, and its control panel is easily accessed from the Windows system tray. Easy to use intuitive interface does the work with Heatsoft ADCS enjoyable.
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