AhnLab V3NET for Windows Server 7.0 (Renewal & Upgrade)

AhnLab V3NET for Windows Server 7.0 (Renewal & Upgrade)Companies use file servers to manage and share important data. If the vulnerability of servers remains unattended, attacks of malicious codes can cause the damage and leakage of data stored in those servers. In addition, many client PCs connected to them can be infected by malicious codes. V3Net 7.0 protects the assets of your company and ensures business consistency by protecting servers from those threats.

What it does
Secures the safety of a system by preventing servers from becoming the host of malicious codes and spreading them inside.
Reduces the cost of system extension by blocking attacks of malicious codes which cause server overload.
Enhances work productivity by providing working environments free and safe from malicious code attacks.
Minimizes the burden of security management and administration by reinforcing server utilization functions for administrators such as ‘no server rebooting’ and resource management function.
Enhances security as it is also safe to use servers by directly making access to internal network rather than through the internet or external network.
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