Alagus Print Admin 4.0 Light

Alagus Print Admin 4.0 LightAlagus Print Admin 4.0 is a complex software system for managing the entire print process in your organization. This product is the ultimate print-ruling solution, which means no less then satisfying all possible requirements of the print control software. Alagus Print Admin 4.0 offers you many solutions in one product: Print Audit – Audit the customer’s print activities and devices; Print Quota – Limiting the printing by setting print quota; Printer & Printing Management – Full management of the printers and print documents; Print Monitoring – Track, control and observation of the events in the print process; Printing Analysis – Statistics and reports on the actual print activity. Alagus Print Admin 4.0 is a server-based application, which allows system administrators to manage print process centrally. There are many ways to manage the print process by using Alagus Print Admin 4.0. This is only a short description of them. Printer management. Management of the printer’s queues. Manipulates print devices and printer environments. Document management (Pause, Resume, Cancel, Restart, Copy/Paste, Save/Load, Preview) Print quotas – Sets print quotas for one user or a group of users Print rules – Sets rules for printing. Printing prohibition depending on some criteria (file size, number of pages, keyword from the document title or specific file extension) Print priority – Sets priority of the print documents depending on the owner Print activity – Shows the print activity for a certain period (day, month, year) in a chart. Print activity may be shown for one user, a group of users, one printer or a group of printers or all of them. Track and store into the database the information for every printed document (username, printer, document title, data, time, pages, size, cost etc.) Statistics and reports – Makes cross reports about the number of pages printed per user/user group/all as well as about print quotas, Print rules etc.
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