Alexander Popov. Knife Combat – Version of Spetsnaz GRU – Self-Defense with Knife. Moscow, 2005 /e-Book, pdf, 1.93 MB, 69 pp./

Alexander Popov. Knife Combat - Version of Spetsnaz GRU - Self-Defense with Knife. Moscow, 2005 /e-Book, pdf, 1.93 MB, 69 pp./This book makes subject area of our web-site somewhat wider. However, the way of martial arts is extremely wide and sometimes it is useful to have a look from a new point of view at what you do and what you have achieved in the end. As the proverb says, “The learner of WU SHU has three precious things: the breadth (of knowledge) is precious, the essence is precious, but the most precious is understanding.” But without first two precious things you can not acquire the third, the most precious thing. Therefore, besides understanding “the essence” of your school you have to be in possession of the breadth of knowledge. As a saying goes, “If there are no breadth and essence, it is hard to read the hieroglyph “understanding”; if there are breadth and essence, the hieroglyph “understanding” becomes apparent by itself.” If you know only your school and style, it is like the proverb says: “Who has seen little is amazed by many things.” The system of knife combat presented in the book was used for training of soldiers from reconnaissance/sabotage units of the Soviet Army. Special Forces of the MAIN INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT of the General Staff of the Russian (former Soviet) Army (or, in an abbreviated form, "Spetsnaz GRU") are intended for conducting secret combat operations at the rear of the enemy. Missions carried out by SPETSNAZ troops determine special character and basic lines of SPETSNAZ COMBAT training. "The main mission of a Spetsnaz fighter in a Close Combat is to destroy the enemy with any available means as quickly as possible despite their arms and superior number…". The fighter himself should not be seriously affected, otherwise he could jeopardize the achievement of a fighting mission by his reconnaissance/sabotage team. That’s why the combat training of a fighter from the Spetsnaz is aimed at gaining a flawless proficiency in many types of fire arms and cold steel and traditionally a combat knife is of special importance among them. The basic peculiarity of a knife combat is that it is the combat of short duration. After fighters have approached a striking distance, the result of a fight is at stake within fractions of a second; one or two exact lunges and you win or perish. That’s why the main requirement to a fighter from the Spetsnaz at the initial training stage in knife-combat technique is flawless acquiring of basic methods up to the automatic level: one has no time to ponder in a fight! In spite of the fact that the translation is not irreproachable in some cases (the book has been translated from Russian by the author himself) all methods and techniques are explained in a very clear and understandable way. Besides, over two hundred photos are an excellent illustration to the text. The book serves as a training aid and it is designed for instructors in hand-to-hand combat of the Special Forces and for those who are interested in self-defense with knife.
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