Amphis Customer (10 user licenses)

Amphis Customer (10 user licenses)Amphis Customer is a CRM / Contact Management Software package that makes it quick and easy to manage your contacts, generate quotes and invoices, manage your email, manage your jobs, set reminders and get organized.

Email templates allow you to send standard emails and standard email replies including attachments.

Reminders help you to get organized eg customers we need to phone or email, quotes or invoices we need to create, invoices that are due or overdue, customers we are expecting to call us, tasks and appointments.

Simply drag and drop an email from Outlook onto the main form to add an email to the customer history. Automatically displays the corresponding customer record. Creates a new customer record if the customer doesn’t already exist.

Easy access to customer notes.

More than 30 customizable fields to store information specific to your business.

The wording and formats / fonts etc used in documents created, are all customizable.

You can create letters to customers, marketing documents, and create your own templates.

Mail merge to send documents to groups of customers.

Email Merge to send Emails to a group of customers.

You can generate free-form or itemised quotes and invoices. Itemised quotes and invoices can be generated from an items/parts database. Items/parts can be imported from a spreadsheet.

Payment reminders can be generated at the click of a button.

Customer details can be imported from Outlook or a spreadsheet.

Invoices support Deposit Paid and adjust the balance accordingly.

Easily manage Jobs and Job Sheets.

Support Credit Notes and Customer Statements.

Record Expenses against a Customer or Job.

Easy printing of customer address labels.

Reports eg top spenders and monthly sales totals. Custom Reports to generate the information your business needs.

Export customers and transactions to Sage.

Your local currency and date formats are automatically used.

You can specify the relevant sales taxes to use.

Short "how to" training videos show you how to use the software.

Also supports network access and SQL Server.

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