Antamedia Print Manager – Standard Edition

Antamedia Print Manager - Standard EditionWindows Central Printer Management. Easily controls your printing costs. You set the rules, Print Manager enforces them, across all or selected local and distant printers. Color, Time of Day, Number of Sheets and other such options are controlled by a few clicks of your mouse. If printer control could save you just 10% of printing costs, how much would you save? We find on average a medium to large organisation can easily save 35%, with some smaller companies reaching savings up to 64%. Clawing back any cost is a simple way to raise your profit margin and the figures may surprise you. Forget manufacturer’s claims of toner capacity or similar, what matters is just how much is your company actually spending on printing? The default of Antamedia Print Manager is that anybody can print as much as they like of anything, whenever they want to, as often as they wish. This is how your company is running at present! After Print Manager is installed, you can change the rules. Not by sending a memo or by posting notices that get ignored but with a simple push-button software control panel on a single PC. Printer Management Without The Risks No matter how large or complex your printing facilities may be now or in the future, you’ll find APM will scale easily, giving you centralized control, real-time or automated, over local and remote printing tasks. This is achieved with a single software installation. All you need is a standard Windows PC connected to your network. A straightforward and comprehensive control panel is provided, meaning you have complete over-sight, with the discretion to restrict, block or even charge end users, with fine-tuned control. This power is not restricted to your local office either, for you have automated control over printers in remote locations, even different countries. Print Manager automatically seeks out all connected computers and printers, without requiring any hardware upgrades. Not one cable extra. It just works, with none of those frustrating “not recognized” errors or technical nightmares that may have held you back before.
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