AntiWave VSTi

AntiWave VSTiAntiWave plugin is a VSTi sampler, designed for creating music on your VST Host.
Unlimited voice polyphony.
Any sample rate support.
Glide mode.
Random pan mode.
Resonant filters.
Sample loop support (Forward, Ping-Pong and Sustain loop).
Sample start offset.
Graphical curve editor
Volume, Panning, Pitch, Filter control curves.
Control curves loop support (Forward, Ping-Pong and Sustain loop).
Tempo sync.
Adjustable note fade time.
Full 32-bit floating point internal sample operation.
Cubic spline interpolation.
Built-in wave editor with basic operations (Cut, Copy, Paste, Trim, Normalize, Reverse).
All states and wave-tables are saved along with the host project.
Sample library organizer/loader.
Wav, aiff, pat, xi, iti, its, s3i files importing.
Ability to share instruments/samples between loaded plugin instances.
Visual piano keyboard.
Visual sample to note assignment.
Adjustable play quality/processor usage.
Play position visualization.
Sample usage counters.
Sample tuning function with base tone player.
FFT window.
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