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AnyPassword ProAnyPassword Pro is a professional to take care of your passwords. Now and onwards all your passwords will be stored in one secure place. Hierarchically structured folders, in which you keep your private data, can be (re)named and arranged in your own way. All passwords, you are looking for in your records, will be found within seconds by their relevant information, which is attached to each password: URL, File, Program, Record name or Comments. Advanced encryption techniques defend your confidential data from unauthorized access. Password containing information can be stored in separate files (each for a separate user), all of which can be protected with an individual password. When in need you can use a built-in password generator, which creates unique passwords that are difficult to compute. The program will notify you if one of the passwords expired. Also, it is able to send any of your passwords (or other relevant data) to clipboard or any active application. This option saves your time dramatically. In addition to this advantage, there is one more significant: AnyPassword Pro can be installed onto portable devices: floppy disks, flash-drives and so on. This makes sure that your passwords are always secure and within your easy reach. The program carries out database synchronization and data file compression. A very convenient option is that the utility provides for an attachment of any file to an existing password record. Besides, AnyPassword Pro has a neatly organized interface. It supports a variety of different languages. This utility takes very little space and works under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
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