Arbeit auf einer Bohrinsel in der Nordsee

Arbeit auf einer Bohrinsel in der NordseeDo they have interest in working premises on (offshore) an oil or a gas platform? The payment is outstanding, and one comes much around in the world! They work in each case 14 days in the chord, and have thereafter three weeks each vacation. They earn approx. 6,000 EUR and more per month depending upon qualification. Working premises can, in each case after your individual career planning, in Germany, Norway, England, the USA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or otherwise where be. The most diverse persons are needed: Skilled workers, the medical profession, technicians, chemists, and other supply and service staff, also women have chances. Over 1000 Ölplattfomen are located or swim today world-wide in the seas. The main activities in this industry are appropriate for Borneo, in Indonesia, in North America, in the gulf of Mexico, at the east coast of Africa, in the middle east (Kuwait, in the gulf of Oman), Canada, Alaska and Venezuela. The center within the European offshore range lies in the North Sea. However nearly 600,000 humans of the oil industry live here. This book contains numerous addresses of German and foreign oil companies with Internet addresses. Addresses from Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, England, the USA, Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Venezuela, etc.,…. Most of the oil companies are attainable also in the Internet, where the companies offer current employments offered. German language only.
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