Architect Small Block PC TrueType Font

Architect Small Block PC TrueType FontArchitect Small Block PC TrueType Font
This hand crafted font was designed for architect, blueprint and drawing use. Small font sizes have good contrast and are very easy to read. Larger font sizes create distinguished-looking headings. This font is also a good choice for adding a personal hand lettered touch, as opposed to fonts with perfectly formed lines and curves or other script fonts that are less formal and often difficult to read.
This font has all Unicode Latin-1 Supplement accented characters except for the Latin small letter ETH. In addition the font has six special symbols often used in architectural and site plan drawings, including the diameter or null set symbol, white square with vertical line symbol, center line symbol, angle symbol, Greek capital letter delta or increment symbol, and perpendicular or up tack symbol. The symbols have the correct Unicode mappings and are also mapped to characters in the 128 through 255 range so they can be used by applications that do not support Unicode, such as Chief Architect.
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