ARES Commander – Upgrade for Perpetual license – USD price

ARES Commander - Upgrade for Perpetual license - USD priceUpgrade your perpetual license of ARES Commander to the latest version
By upgrading ARES Commander you will get the new features released since your last purchase.
The upgrade is a full license without time limitation that requires a previous and valid perpetual license of ARES Commander. Please consider to buy a new Perpetual license if you don’t own one already.
This upgrade includes a one year subscription for upgrades and Email support + LicenseToGo and ARES Touch for one year. After one year you will be free to renew or not the subscription. If you don’t renew the subscription you can keep using the version you purchased and buy later an upgrade but LicenseToGo will be discontinued and ARES Touch will work with limited features.
ARES Commander is provided in 14 languages. You can switch to other languages at any time. The same license works to install on Windows 32bits, Windows 64 bits, Mac OS X and Linux platforms but please make sure you download the right setup for your Operating System.
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