ASF Direct Writer for iuVCS/iuVCR (x32/x64)

ASF Direct Writer for iuVCS/iuVCR (x32/x64)The Microsoft® ASF container allows to store video and audio streams encoded by third-party codecs, not built-in Windows Media Audio/Video codecs only. ASF Direct Writer filter is intended for capture video in ASF file format using most of codecs installed on you system. It is guarantied excellent audio-video streams synchronization. This synchronization is preserved if you re-encode the file into other formats, MPEG1/2 for example. That is using ASF Direct Writer is the best way to create your own Video CD and DVD disks from analog video sources, such VHS, TV and so on.
ASF Direct Writer is attached to the iuVCR capture utility. Other capture programs are not supported. The filter has been tested under OS Windows XP with iuVCR, DirectX 8.1 and 9.0c.
To edit and convert captured file the following programs are convenient:
Microsoft® Movie Maker;
WMV Direct (see
Ulead MediaStudio 7;
other programs that supports ASF file format.
It is possible to convert captured file in various software encoders such as Microsoft® Windows Media Encoder, Canopus Procoder, TMPGEnc. Re-encode is not affects the video-audio streams synchronization.
You may also convert ASF file to the AVI format using the WMV Direct. See for more details.
Starting with version the ASF Direct Writer provides the easy way for using internal codecs such as Windows Media Video/Audio and so on.
Furthermore the ASF Direct Writer supports broadcasting video to the network.
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