Asthma Concept Map – Folded Poster

Asthma Concept Map - Folded Poster This is a concept map explaining the pharmacotherapy of "Asthma." This map is very helpful for whoever studies or teaches asthma (medical, pharmacy & nursing) and also for clinicians who deal with asthma patients.

This asthma concept map is made on the basis of "building" and "linking" information. For example, asthma signs and symptoms is built upon the pathophysiology of asthma, i.e. when you understand the pathophysiology of asthma and the development of inflammation and bronchoconstriction, you will be able to easily understand and memorize asthma signs and symptoms. Another example for the "building" concept is building the pharmacological treatment of asthma upon the pathophysiology. Thus, you link between the problem and the mechanisms of action that medications work through to solve this problem! Easy?!

This map also helps you "linking" between information. This is how it is representing the classification of asthma, as the 3 asthma classes are linked to:
1- etiology; classification of asthma according to the etiology,
2- severity of symptoms; classification of asthma according to the severity, and
3- treatment; classification of asthma according to control

More builds, links and funny images are included in this concept map, just to make you easily understand and memorize the subject and consequently practice in an efficient way. What you have to do is just to ZOOM OUT!
Poster description: – Glossy paper – 100 cm width x 30 cm height – Folded 5 times
Brought to by Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy website.
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