AudioVisualizer (Audio Visual File Explorer)

AudioVisualizer (Audio Visual File Explorer)AudioVisualizer = Audio Visual File Explorer This is an ultra quick Audio Visual File Explorer dealing strictly with the most commonly used file formats, permits to very quicky and with only a single mouse click visualize (listen to) hundreds of images and files containing textual information, also explores by executing animated-Gif images and audio (sound) files. Supported File formats… Image Files: Bmp, Jpg, Gif, Ico, Emf, Wmf, Animated Gif. Video Files: Avi. Sound Files: Wav, Mid. All other file formats (.exe, .pas, .cpp, .dsk, etc, etc) are displayed as .txt — Operation with files: rename, print, delete Very quickly can explore hundreds of sound, image and textual files. Useful when the user wants to very quickly get to know the contents of many files (text, sound, images) in a very short time.
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