aurlysia LockFolder Lite

aurlysia LockFolder LiteIntroducing aurlysia Lockfolder Lite. with this little wonder you can Hide & Protect Your Confidential File or Folder using Ultimate Folder Protection System. Aurlysia LockFolder Lite is based on high-end security system that encrypt and protect your private data, which makes it impossible to unauthorised person/users to gain access to your data by any means. Folder Lock technology that Aurlysia Lockfolder Lite uses is unique. It Uses Different Username and Password for Different Folders. Once your private data/folder is protected by Aurlysia Lockfolder Lite, it becomes invisible from the system. The Protected folder cannot be altered by any means.No one can delete or modify the folder that have been protected by Aurlysia Lockfolder Lite unless or until, the permission is guaranted by the owner of the folder. Protecting the Folder guarantees that, your protected Folder is safe from accidental deletion, viruses, malwares, trojans etc.
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