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Aurlysia LockFolder ProfessionalProtect Your Digital Assets Digitally Aurlysia LockFolder Pro is an easy-to-use security software designed to protect & restrict access to the folders that contains your private & sensitive Information. With Aurlysia LockFolder Pro GB’s of Data can be protected easily, with just few clicks. Aurlysia LockFolder Pro is 100% Safe, Secure and easy to use. Aurlysia LockFolder Pro uses Kernel level protection, ensuring maximum protection for protected data. Aurlysia LockFolder makes your files un-deleteable, hidden, safe from viruses,worms,spywares,trojans & hackers.The Folder once Locked using LockFolder is secure from any type of un-authorised access,without your permission. Once you lock any folder,nobody will be able to read/modify it,without proper Authorization. Aurlysia LockFolder Pro settings is protected using password mechanism,so that only the Adminsistrative user can change the settings of the program. The Main Screen of the Program also known as Display,where all the list of protected Folder is displayed is also Protected using Password Mechanism. KEY FEATURES OF AURLYSIA LOCKFOLDER PRO 3.1 FORGET PASSWORD: Aurlysia LockFolder Pro uses different ID and Password for different folders, so you can protect your Sensitive & private information more efficiently. LockFolder Provides a special feature called Forget password Option, in Case if you had lost your ID/Password. This feature uses a Key to retrieve your Lost ID or Password. STEALTH MODE: Enable the program to hide itself from the system. Program can be invoked using hotkey. Two customizable hotkey is provided in the program settings. One to Invoke Locking Module and another to invoke Unlocking Module. Hotkey can be customized as required. SMART PROTECTION: Aurlysia LockFolder Pro Introduces a new unique feature know as Smart Protection, for protecting sensitive information. In this option, No User ID or Password is required for Protecting or Unlocking the Sensitive data. In place of UserID and Password, Smart Keys are used. Any removable Device(CD/DVD, Flash Drive, Memory Cards), can be used as smart keys. Protecting Data using Smart Protection ensure that there is no single chance of keylogging, the data is protected securely and smartly. PORTABILITY: Aurlysia LockFolder Pro supports exports and imports of protected folder. Users can easily exports/imports the protected folder from one system to another, make backup of protected data, send protected data through emails.
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