AutoFlowchart (site license)

AutoFlowchart (site license)auto generate flowchart from sourcecode firstly open a *.pas/*.c/*.cpp file,then you can get a flowchart by double click the begin row of if/for/while/case/begin/repeat/try/asm statements. AgFlowchart will analyze the source code and found the end of current statements. export the flowchart as Ms Word file when you get a flowchart, you can export it as a colorized Ms Word file. if you don’t like a colorized Word file, you can change it by click Option Button. expand and Shrink the flowchart quick expand(or shrink): double click the part of the flowchart. expand(or shrink) all blocks: right click the flowchart ,a popup menu rises.then click the item named "expand all blocks". format the source code you can format the code by click the "code format" button. you can change the style by click the "editor options" button. zoom and move the flowchart freely the flowchart can be zoomed in and zoomed out by click the toolbutton on the toolbar.the right key of mouse can move the flowchart freely. export the flowchart as a bitmap You can export the flowchart as a bitmap file.
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