Automator Virtual Input

Automator Virtual InputAutomator Virtual Input extends Apple’s Automator automation program to give it complete control over the keyboard and mouse cursor. Automator Virtual Input allows Automator to access anything you can by simulating mouse clicks, movement and drags along with keyboard key presses.

By simply listing the actions you wish to preform, like any other automator action, then using the "Run Virtual Input" action, the keyboard and mouse are at your command. This allows you to access all the functions available to you in any given program, no longer confined by the limited actions available. 3 example workflows are also included with full explanations of the actions taking place in each to give an example of what Automator Virtual Input is capable of.

Automator Virtual Input allows you to preform the following:

Simulate a Left Mouse Button Click.
Simulate a Right Mouse Button Click.
Simulate the keyboard typing.
Simulate the mouse being moved.
Simulate a keyboard command and/or shortcut being pressed.
Simulate the mouse being dragged.
Resize and Reposition active windows.
Press and Hold down keys.
Release keys held down.
Simulate Tab, Return, Arrow or Function keys being pressed.
All in the form of easy to use Automator actions.

Automator Virtual Input Requires Mac OS 10.4 or greater (Mac OS 10.4 Includes Automator). PPC Binary, Intel Binary planned.
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