AutoXlsTable 3.0_for_AutoCAD 2009

AutoXlsTable 3.0_for_AutoCAD 2009AutoXlsTable is a great tool for both linking and creating Excel tables in AutoCAD. AutoXlsTable simplifies creating and managing Bill Of Materials (BOM) and Schedules.
AutoXlsTable allows you to edit the imported table and keep it updated to original Excel spreadsheet automatically. You can also perform block/area/length real-time calculation and much more.
Key Features
•Quickly Create Excel tables in AutoCAD
•Import Excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD
•Update table to its original Excel spreadsheet
•Features WYSIWYG in AutoCAD
•Override Excel text style/size/color with AutoCAD’s
Import Excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD
•High data conversion speed, up to 500% against version 2.4
•Easily specify insertion point and table scale factor.
•Separate table geometry into Text and Borderline layers.
•All imported are AutoCAD entities are fully editable
•Edit Excel tables in AutoCAD over and over – save time!
Update table
Update table whose original Excel spreadsheet was modified. This feature can keep your AutoXlsTable updated to its original Excel spreadsheet.
Update table whose original Excel spreadsheet even contains automatic links to another Excel spreadsheet (.xls file)
Update Function supports local area network (LAN). You can update table whose original Excel spreadsheet located in another computer of local area network (LAN). It’s a fast method for collaborative working.
What you see in Excel is what you get in AutoCAD!
Support most of Excel spreadsheet properties, such as the following:
•Text style & Text size
•Text color & Text alignment
•center across selection
•vertical text
•wrap text
•merge cells
•double-line border
•cell shading
Override Excel text style/size/color with AutoCAD’s
Easily switch between Excel text properties and AutoCAD’s. AutoXlsTable also allows you to use SHX fonts instead of windows TTF fonts. Plus many other settings to help create great looking Excel tables in AutoCAD.
Calculate block quantity in different layers or current drawing based on its attribute, with the capability of real-time update. Create accurate tables & schedules in seconds base on your drawing information.
Group area/length calculation: Calculate group area/length in different layers or current drawing, with the capability of real-time update.
Create schedules and bill of materials presents many unique challenges. Among them are creating advanced table, performing block calculation, cost estimation and keeping it up-to-date. With AutoXlsTable, you can do all.
More Info:
GreatStar Software, is an AutoDesk authorized developer.Established in 1992, they offer high quality and versatile AutoCAD add-on applications.
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