Available Domains Standard Edition

Available Domains Standard EditionAvailable Domains is a program that allows you to find attractive domain names when you are going to publish your corporate or personal web site. Professional Edition supports 250 top-level domains, that is all country-specific and global TLDs. This program is a great time-saver; automated checking for availability of domains is significantly more easy and faster than manual entering and checking each name on WHOIS web site. Usually, you are interested in registering domain name that contains specific keywords. Available Domains uses effective method for definition of keywords and further creation domain names with use of keywords. After the program creates list of domain names, it will query for their availability using multi-threaded technique. Retrieved domain’s information shows you whether the domain is available for your registration. Now you can register any found domain that is not in use. If the domain name is already in use, you can see its owner, e-mail and other useful information. Recently added proxy support and two-pass lookup.
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