Basketball Scouting

Basketball ScoutingVideo Basketball Scouting gives you ability to easy scouting one or two team at a same time. Video can be dvd/vcd/svcd/mpeg/mpeg1/mpeg2/mpg/avi/divx … Fill out roster and made scout. Screen shows players list and play list and sorted buttons. 3 clicks and you make scouting. Simply, add play to the list and later you can describe play in details with plays diagrams picture which you can create with SportDraw playbook software or copy/paste. All report are web pages and can be send to email and show detail data and courts with player no, plays, points type . Multi games report for team, player or play is very powerful. Video Basketball Scouting is a professional applications that have the latest skin visual styles and you can easy import .msstyles files, downloaded from web.
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