Be Inspired By Nature Screensaver

Be Inspired By Nature ScreensaverThe "Be Inspired By Nature" screensaver is an easy, fun and affordable way to feel more motivated and inspired anytime you’re running a Windows PC. The full version has 33 soothing and inspiring images, complete with simple suggestions that build over time to help you feel calmer and happier with no extra effort.

With this screensaver you can also:

*Play relaxing background music by composer Jamie Sims, choose your own tracks, or keep the screensaver silent.
*Make any image into your current screensaver by pressing F2.
*Randomise and shuffle the order of the images
*Enjoy up to 100 transition effects, or control them as you wish.
*Know that you are giving yourself, or someone special, a relaxing gift that gets more and more effective each time you see it.

If you’d like to try it out first, the trial version of this screen saver contains nine inspirational images, with accompanying gentle visual suggestions. It never runs out, but does remind you about your upgrade options.
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