Best Arcade Script Setup Service

Best Arcade Script Setup ServiceSetup Service Setup Service Includes Best Arcade Script Installation Arcade Theme configuration Meta data configuration Importing games you request Set up cron jobs Configure advertisement codes Translate basic texts to your specific language How it works After you bought the product, you need to send us an email to [email protected] with your details and requirements. After we get your email with the details, we will install your Best Arcade Script in 48 hours. More About Setup Service You can specify what kind of games would you like to display on your site. So you may say I would like to have any kind of high quality games on my website. We can also set up you some cron jobs. So the script will automatically import new games regularly (for example on a daily basis). You can be highly specific or you can say your requirements in general as well. We will adapt to your requirements. You can choose from 8 color themes (default, orangeFlower, ocean, coldBlue, colorfulNeon, deepSea, html5 and pink). We can set you up the preferred one. Plus you can change it any time in the script’s admin panel. You may provide your language and we can translate basic texts displayed on the website with Google Translate for you if you wish. You can also re-write these basic texts in the script’s admin panel any time you wish. You may also send us your advertisement codes or access to your advertisement account (for example Google AdSense) and we will configure for you everything. You may also provide us your sites main meta data such as your sites title, slogan, description and so on and we will enter them. We can also write some of these based on your requirements.
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