BetterVIEW Color Picker Pro for LabVIEW – Mac

BetterVIEW Color Picker Pro for LabVIEW - MacThe fully-functional Color Picker Pro for LabVIEW is a LabVIEW-based utility VI that helps you select aesthetically-correct color combinations for your LabVIEW GUIs. Based on the color theory and selection techniques used by artists and visual design experts for generations, the color picker guides you through the color selection process. Once you have fine-tuned a color combination to your needs, you can add it to your personal "Favorites" file for future reference. Or copy it directly into your LabVIEW project using LabVIEW’s native eyedropper tool. "A must-have utility that will improve the look of your GUIs from the time you use it." Dave Ritter – LabVIEW GUI Specialist, BetterVIEW Consulting
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