Binary Comparison of Files

Binary Comparison of FilesWhat is Binary Comparison of Files
Binary Comparison of Files is the utility for byte-by-byte comparison of two files in order to find possible discrepancies. Consistently read-out bytes of files are compared in a binary mode. The address, code and symbolical representation are shown for different bytes. The codes may be shown as decimal, hexadecimal, octal or binary numbers.

When you compare different files you can set different shift parameters for each file, as well as limit the comparison to certain fragments of the file. You can also selectively edit one file using the second one as a master.

The found discrepancies may be saved as a text, CSV (Comma Separated Value) or XML file, exported to Excel or printed.
Main Features
Byte-by-byte comparison of files of any format.
Comparison of files starting with arbitrary shifts.
The possibility to compare the fragments of defined length.
Viewing of the found discrepancies in any code.
Selective editing of one file using the second file as a master.
Saving of the results in a text, CSV or XML format.
The possibility to export the results into Excel.
Printing of the found discrepancies.
Convenient and flexible viewing of the comparison results.
Easy and user-friendly interface.
What’s New in Version 3.0
Large file support (over 4 GB).
The possibility of fast count of discrepancies in the files under comparison.
The possibility to interrupt the comparison with specified options.
The possibility to compare files starting from arbitrary shifts.
Comparison of fragments with defined length.
Selective editing of one file using the second file as a master.
Saving of the comparison results as CSV or XML file.
Search of found discrepancies by address.
Improved stability and performance.
Improved user interface.
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