Body Fuel And Fitness Designer

Body Fuel And Fitness DesignerThis powerful program models and analyses your health, nutrition and fitness, and determines recommendations uniquely tailored to the User. A Journal is used to track your daily activity. Meals and sessions are dragged to the Journal whilst User friendly forms record body stats.
It comes supplied with Food and Exercise Libraries (6600 ingredients, 660 exercises), the Weight Add-In, which statistically tracks your weight to determine your true rate of change and the Symptom Analysis Add-In which determines your optimum nutrition based on an analysis of your symptoms and lifestyle. In total, the supplied libraries track over 140 different properties.
An Auto-Entry feature enables you to quickly add diets and training programmes to your Journal and these can be posted at the BF&F web site and shared between Users.
Uniquely, this program is able to determine recommendations from User questionnaires. Based on your answers, the supplied libraries set your Recommended Dietary Intakes and optimum nutrition for micro and macro nutrients and goals for exercise and weight change.
Making this program really powerful is its ability to get new features from Add-Ins created by Users of the Professional Edition. Many are free or specialise in specific areas such as VO2 Max or T-Cell count performance.
The Professional Edition enables Sports & Health Care Professionals to create within their own HTML interface add-ins including User questionnaires to set recommendations, their own calculated properties, charts and dynamic images. Add-Ins may be uploaded to BF&F website and distributed to other Users with an affiliation scheme to share revenue.
The ability to track your own performance, share diets and training programmes, and upgrade through add-ins makes this program ideal for both the general and professional User at a price comparable to much more basic programs.
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