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Business Restructuring Expert SoftwareWhat is Business Restructuring Expert Software? Business Restructuring Expert is a voice-directed small business success software program that provides small business owners with the restructuring tools, free business coaching, business restructuring plans, business strategies and the positive business mindset needed to successfully restructure their small business. Software Features: Free "Sneak a Peek" trial so you can experience the power of this software before you buy. Create your own business restructuring plan through a simple step-by-step process. Systematically drives you to improve your business performance on a daily basis using a step-by-step business success program. The program includes business mindset conditioning, strategic planning, competitive analysis, business benchmarking, sales performance, idea brainstorming, results tracking and continuous business performance improvements. 100 free business coaching sessions (a $5,000 value) with an award-winning MBA degreed small business coach. You can use these sessions to get help with your marketing strategies, pricing, sales strategies, customer service, financial management, new business ideas or any other business related topic. All coaching sessions are completely confidential. See Privacy Policy. A confidential Business Profitability Improvement Plan developed by your business coach for your business (a $2,000 value). Helps you brainstorm new business ideas every day so you can grow your business. Generates customized revenue growth, cost cutting, customer service & advertising strategies to grow your business. These strategies are included for over 100 business categories. Here is a list of small business categories supported by Business Restructuring Expert. Simple voice-driven user instructions provided at every step in the process. Provides positive motivational quotes designed to develop your positive business mindset and the ability for you to create and listen to your own positive business confirmations every day. Includes a free comprehensive review and proofreading of your business restructuring plan. When you have completed your daily business restructuring program, you will be awarded a "Business Restructuring Certificate". Print out your "Business Restructuring Certificate" and display it proudly in your business. Also add our Sobesoft small business certification logo to your site and marketing material to add more marketing power and credibility to your business.
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