Cabinet Layout

Cabinet LayoutLicense of use for 6 months. Cabinet layout is an Excel workbook created to design the internal distribution of the components in any control or electrical panel. It has been designed primarily as a tool capable of generating very quickly the cabinet drawing and its bill of materials, with a tool as usual as Excel. It’s possible to design up to 16 panels or mounting areas to know the spacing requirements and the number of components on each area. More info in Main target clients are System Integrators and Panel Builders.
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Summary: Panel Builders, 6 months

Concepts: Painting

/art and entertainment/visual art and design/design
/health and fitness/disease/chronic fatigue syndrome
/art and entertainment/visual art and design/painting

Tags: Main target clients, fitness/disease/chronic fatigue syndrome/art, entertainment/visual art, electrical panel, Excel workbook, Panel Builders, Cabinet layout, Panel Builders.Summary, cabinet drawing, spacing requirements, internal distribution, components, tool, Integrators

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