CAD Server (Limited Production License)

CAD Server (Limited Production License)The CAD Server Limited Production License is simple to implement yet fast and powerful. It effortlessly extracts accurate, editable CAD drawings from vector PDF files. Built upon the powerful, high-precision Fly Batch engine, it is optimized for reliability and exceptional performance in automated, high-volume scalable or enterprise solutions. The quality of the resulting files is unrivaled. Choose an input bundle of PDF, PostScript and EPS or WMF/EMF and transform your files DXF or HPGL for use in AutoCAD, Microstation and other technical programs. Conversion options are highly configurable. Supports PDF layers as well as all entities, objects and text. Driven by a proven, multiplatform engine developed and refined over the past 20 years, FLY Batch delivers high-precision results while intelligently compensating for format incompatibilities. The CAD Server allows conversion of up to 10,000 files per year. Unlimited production licenses are also available. Commercial applications require OEM licensing. An SDK is available for API level integration. Multiplatform  available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Sun, HP and IBM.
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