CarteBlanche Ukraine for Android

CarteBlanche Ukraine for AndroidCarteBlanche map of Ukraine for Android
is intended for use with Mireo DON’T PANIC application on Android devices.
DON’T PANIC can be installed from Google Play Store free of charge.
Mireo DON’T PANIC is an on-board turn-by-turn GPS navigation application for Android OS. It offers convenient search for addresses and POIs on the map, instant route calculation, visual and voice guidance along the route and much more. The software interface and voice guidance are available in many languages, including English, Russian and Ukrainian. Features of CarteBlanche Ukraine map for DON’T PANIC:
Total length of roads: 458 000 km, including a large number of unpaved roads
Detailed coverage: 689 settlements (50.3% of the Ukrainian population), including all regional centres and all cities with more than 70 000 inhabitants
3D Landmarks: 57
In-block passages in many cities, uniquely accurate in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia
Basic coverage of road network (without street naming and address search): most settlements with more than 5 000 inhabitants
A large number of grade-separated intersections
POIs: about 77 200, a lot of them contain contact information
Railways, forests, parks, rivers, streams, channels, lakes and seas
Languages: Ukrainian and English
Free map updates up to 4 times a year!
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