CatIt!CatIt! is an application designed to help create, maintain and organize catalogs of media collection, supporting a wide range, starting from CDs and DVDs and extending to any other storage device the operating system can access as a drive. It provides access to the contents of cataloged media, even when they are not mounted on the system. You can browse their contents, search for files and folders using different criteria, view thumbnails and extended information, differentiate data using categories, icons, comments etc. It can be used to organize collections of programs, documents, movies, pictures, music files, compressed files, backups etc. It has a user-friendly interface with the possibility to choose from multiple skins, with support for localization in different languages. When a media is inserted in a drive, the application automatically detects if it has been previously scanned and with what label or not. When scanning, information about MP3s artists, albums, years of release, play times and much more are automatically detected, thumbnails for images and resolution information are also saved and you are given the opportunity to manually select a thumbnail from a movie file, contents of archives are retrieved. You may choose to keep thumbnail, extended information or archive content information, or discard one or all of them for a file or more. The choice is up to you and you have total control about what you wish to be cataloged and how. It features fast browsing, searching and reporting capabilities, the user being able to tell if a file has thumbnail, extended information or is an archive with its contents available at a single glance, discard or retrieve this information at any given time and many, many other characteristics, making the experience of using it enjoyable.
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