CECam for Handheld- and Pocket PC’s

CECam for Handheld- and Pocket PC'sCECam is a tool to take snapshots from Pretec CF and FlyCAM CF/SD cameras. The 300k and the 1.3MPixel models are supported.
The Pretec and FlyCam CF cameras were sold with a PocketPC software (240×320 display). This PocketPC software is not Handheld PC (HPC) compatible and will not run on your Windows CE HPC. CECam is selled without the cameras. CECam is an independent development from WinCESoft to give you the ability to use these CF cams with your Handheld PC.
New: Now Pocket PC version available. This version has a much improved hi res capture quality compared to the original LifeView software package. See sample snapshots at www.WinCESoft.de With CECam you get more out of your FlyCAM.
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