CereusReporting Corporate Edition

CereusReporting Corporate EditionCereusReporting offers an easy way of creating instant PDF reports within Cacti. Supporting the Plugin Architecture version 2.x, CereusReporting can be easily installed and enabled. Support is available through customer forums, email support and on demand remote help
Feature list
Feature Corporate Edition
PDF report generation within Cacti x
User selectalbe report format x
Graph selection support x
Boost plugin suport x
nmidSmokeping support x
Option to include sub-leafs in report x
Sub-title and footer customizeable x
Custom logo support x
Graphs link back into cacti x
No "Free Version" notice x
Optional custom cover page per tree x
Logo can be defined per tree x
Send PDF report via email x
Schedule PDF report generation x
Graphs from different leafs/host can be combined in one report x
houry,daily,weekly,monthly and yearly scheduling support x
Each report has its own size,orientation and graph format defined x
Each report email message text can be customized x
Instant PDF Reports can be saved as templates x
Logo and Cover Page can be defined on a per-report basis x
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