ChartProNotePro is a highly capable rich-text editor and word processor. It offers nearly all of the features found in standart Windows WordPad but adds spell checking, URL detection, a calculator, and bookmarking functions. NotePro also uses an MDI approach, so you can work with several documents at once within a single main window. Other features include a toolbar, formatting bar, and status bar object and picture insertion and several appearance and behavior options.
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Summary: word processor, editor, NotePro, Windows

Concepts: Windows 7, Graphical user interface, WordStar, Desktop metaphor, Alan Kay, Widgets

/technology and computing/software
/technology and computing/hardware/computer components/chips and processors
/technology and computing/hardware/computer

Tags: capable rich-text editor, word processor, Graphical user interface, single main window, status bar object, standart Windows, spell checking, MDI approach, picture insertion, URL detection, Desktop metaphor, Alan Kay, behavior options.Summary, computing/hardware/computer components/chips, WordPad, WordStar, features, toolbar, NotePro, appearance, calculator, functions, documents, WindowsConcepts, WidgetsCategories, /technology

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