CI-Cloud – Action and Rules for Office 365 – monthly

CI-Cloud - Action and Rules for Office 365 - monthlySet of rules for managing incoming and outgoing emails, e.g. adding a disclaimer to an email.
This is a completely new option for monitoring emails, adding a disclaimer if necessary and reporting illegal emails to persons or groups. This is a so-called set of rules, which react to incoming and outgoing mails and offer numerous options. The software is very easy to configurate. For example, a disclaimer can be set for external mails. Such a disclaimer can however also be set only if monitoring for particular content has failed – and can also be ignored for certain types of content.
Functions and advantages at a glance
Central management of your emails
Numerous options with different rules
Central management of your signatures
Informs you of breaches of rules
Emails archived in compliance with legislation
Quick and qualified support for your inquiries
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